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Payroll Services

PKF Canillas have a payroll division which offers a comprehensive payroll service tailored to each client's needs.
Our payroll service includes the following:

  • Running weekly and/or monthly payroll
  • Supplying payslips
  • Generating various payroll reports
  • Advising the amounts to be paid for Social Insurance & PAYE
  • Maintaining individual employee's records
  • Dealing with employment queries

We can also arrange for employee's salaries to be paid directly into their bank accounts.

Our payroll division also ensures that clients comply with the requirement to prepare and submit annual returns (Form P8, P10, P10a & P12).

Strict deadlines for the submission of these returns have been imposed and late submission and/or payment can result in penalties.

We will ensure that the payroll function is dealt with in a timely and professional manner and in the strictest confidence.