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Recovery and Insolvency

Licensed Insolvency Practioner in Gibraltar and the United Kingdom and authorised by the ACCA.

As soon as directors or self employed individuals detect financial difficulties, it is essential to get professional advice immediately to assist the business to recover or to be able to assess the business as a going concern.

The insolvency and recovery services team led by a qualified insolvency practioner who, along with the rest of the team, can quickly identify problems, put in place robust business performance solutions and, if appropriate, organise the sale of insolvent businesses and the realisation of assets.

Our objective is to help you find the best solution for a business in distress.

We can offer you a free initial consultation and if a business can be saved, we will achieve that. If it can't be saved, then we will do everything possible to ensure that the maximum value is gained from the winding up of the business.

We offer a wide range of insolvency services ranging from the various insolvency approaches to Members' voluntary liquidations.